About Me


My name is Scott Begg, and I'm a 3D artist from Scotland


I am a hard working individual with great enthusiasm for the video game industry. As a 3D artist, my primary focus is on modelling and texturing within the art pipeline. I have experience producing game-ready assets both on my own and as part of a team. Alongside my technical 3D skills, I have a strong traditional art base primarily focused on pen/pencil drawing, storyboarding and concept work. My journey to this point began way back in 2006 when I joined a hobby project to produce art for an open-source recreation of a popular transport simulation game. From there I dabbled in level design using Valve's Hammer editor to produce concept maps for Counter-Strike: Source. It was during these experiments that I came to realise how much I enjoyed working with objects in a three-dimensional space and so my education as a 3D artist began.


I have good knowledge of 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and After Effects, allowing me to cover many areas within the art pipeline. I also have experience using Unity3D to produce real-time interactive software and understand the procedures needed to successfully transfer art to the game engine. I always like to remain mindful of art budgets and will usually set myself targets even when not producing work specifically for a real-time engine. There is great skill in being able to produce beautiful low-poly art and I continue to strive towards mastering that. For examples of my work, please check out my portfolio or sketchfab.